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General Questions

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, you can. Please email us your order id and the new delivery address and we will help you to fix the correct address.

I didn’t receive my refund.

Please email us your order id and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

What is your shipping time?

We are using Amazon FBA to offer you fast shipping throughout all of the US. Please do not hesitate to check our Shipping and Returns section for more details.

How can I do if I have other questions not listed in the FAQ section?

Please contact us any time at support@kozygear.com and we’ll do our utmost to help you.

Questions While Using Heat Protection Gloves

What if I chose the wrong size?

Please contact us to arrange for an exchange if the wrong size or wrong color, because we want to make sure you receive the right product from KozyGear.

Is it ok to wear the gloves and contact food directly?

Of course, KozyGear’s gloves are FDA food-approved, so please don’t worry about contacting the food directly. So there is no chemical interaction between the gloves and the food, which makes them especially useful to deal with ribs, burger, hot potatoes, and sausage straight from the grill, and many other uses.

The silicone texture seems to get hot quite fast, what should I do with it?

Please don’t worry about this, the way we design the gloves is to get the heat spread out of the silicone texture, and the cylinders on the gloves are to protect your fingers and palms for hot items effectively, please simply place it at an open space or either use running water to cool the gloves down.

What can I do with the gloves beside the food?

Actually we design the gloves not just for grabbing the hot food, but provide great grip to handle and open utensils like jars or bottles more effortlessly, or even proceed some light electronic, engineering, or industrial works. You will find out this gloves can save money from buying other gloves for sure.

Can the gloves also stand the low temperature?

The gloves are -40℉-resistant rated, so you may use them for cleaning the freezer or store and take out foods or materials from very low temperature environment down to -40℉.

I am still quite worry about washing the gloves in a dishwasher…

Then let’s get the concern out of your mind now, the gloves can stand the temperature from -40℉ to -442 ℉, only if your dishwasher functions with the temperature beyond this range, then we don’t suggest you to wash the gloves with it. If not, please just throw it in and wash it!

Questions While Using Silicone Trivet Mats and Hot Pot Holders

Is the heat protection limit only 442℉? I am afraid of using it accidentally in a hotter circumstance…

The safe temperature for mats and pot holders is designed to be 442℉, and the limit is 550℉ that these product can stand up to, so please be sure not to use them over this temperature or it will get deformed, no matter what, we don’t suggest you to use these products with your hands over 442℉ for your own safety.

Questions While Using Knife Sharpener Stone Kit

What’s lapping stone for?

A lapping stone is actually to polish the knife sharpener stone back to flat and decent after frequent uses, but it can be used for hunting knife or etc.

Yes! This stone is much coarser than your 800 and 300 grit stone, but it can be utilized to sharpen hunting knives and blades as well.

Is there any instruction for beginner of knife sharpening stone?

Please refer to our instruction video, or the instruction manual bundled in our knife sharpenr stone products, and of course you can contact for any help. But please do remember that you need to practice on this usually so that you can get used to the process of sharpening a knife.