This is the fifth type of trivet I’ve tried and I like this one the most. Simply because it’s easy to wash and dishwasher safe. My first one was from IKEA. Good deal, but it gets dirty after a while since I cook soup and sauce a lot. It’s hard to remove the old food stain by wiping them. Unlike those, I just throw this trivet into the dishwasher and it will come out like NEW everytime!! Besides, it is multi-functional. I barely just use it as a trivet. Mostly a as a “hot bowl holder”. I use it to hold a very hot noodle soup bowl. And the color pops out in the kitchen. It makes me easy to find these trivets. Highly recommended!


As someone who likes to cook, I like my knives very sharp, it is not only easier to cook with them, it is safer as well. My previous knife sharpener was very complicated and took a long time to sharpen my knives. This sharpening stones make the knife sharpening experience much faster and enjoyable. My knives come out super sharp in no time.

Tracy / Amazon

I love this pizza cutter! I was not sure how much I would like it, but it is fantastic. The blade is sharp, it’s easy to use and cuts evenly. The large size makes it easy to cut across the whole pizza in one swoop. This makes it great for even slices. I would also use this to chop onions, garlic and herbs!


So glad I got these. Great pot holders. The design allows a bend in the material that helps grip handles. Keeps both palm and top of hand from getting burnt. Also works great as hot pad and aid to open jars. Have holes in bottoms for hanging. Am donating my old cloth pot holders. Highly recommend!

Elaine / Amazon

I have to admit that BBQ is one of my favorite kind of foods, and not just the meat itself, the process of cooking is so much fun! But I lacked luck of good gloves until I got these!
These gloves are comfortable to use, and they are totally heat-proof. I use them not only for BBQ but also daily cooking.


This makes cutting pizza slices simple, easy, mess free, and very consistent. Throw away that old pizza wheel cutter, it just pushes ingredients into a pile and you never get nice clean cuts. This 14” pizza cutter is the only way to slice a pizza “right”. It is also much easier to clean than the “wheel” cutter.

Emma Rose / Amazon